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About Fiyah Entertainment

Fiyah Entertainment presents Southern Flame TV! This isn't your typical site; it's an adventure for our audience, and an opportunity to provide artists a platform to present their music and entrepreneurs an engagement opportunity for product placement with the public at a reasonable rate. We have 4 AMAZING shows scheduled, with more to come. We are able to bring amazing entertainment to you wherever you are by simply using your smartphone, computer, tablet, and any other smart device. Considering your safety first, the future is moving to live performances for you to enjoy alone or with family and friends at the comfort of your home, or any other location of your choosing. These upcoming events will allow you a front row seat and a unique, yet enjoyable experience! This will be a virtual experience like no other, as we are committed in taking pride in creating an old school atmosphere combined with the use of innovative technology! We are extremely excited to grooving into our new now with the ultimate entertainment platform! You will never miss out on the latest and greatest events right here on the Southern Flame TV. Grooving into future. Fanning the flames

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